Welcome to PaddleQuest! This is the world’s largest paddling-based eco adventure fantasy contest! Our main event is a two day competition event held in Stevens Point, WI that sends paddlers into a world of adventure to collect power stamps, magic items and determine the fate of the backwaters. Details and timely updates are available on our Facebook page. Not a fan of the Facebook? We will keep you in the know with our emails, subscribe and get PaddleQuest emails flowing to your inbox.

PaddleQuest 2015: Epic Legacy will be held on August 8th & 9th in Stevens Point Wisconsin, at Lakeside Bar. This is a family friendly event for all skill levels. Some changes in the event have been made this year to keep time on the water up and reduce time spent waiting in line. The changes have also been made to eliminate subjective scoring. All performance, humiliation and eating challenges as seen in past quests have been replaced with a wide variety of games based on skill, luck and teamwork.

So…Describing PaddleQuest can really be a challenge, so we made this video to help!